New tricks for the design team

Jun 8, 2018 / No Comments

To kick off the summer, we challenged each of our designers to create a short animation to get the creative juices flowing and learn a new technique and here's what they came up with for a little summer fun!

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Highlights from Exhibitor Live 2017 Trade Show

Mar 14, 2017 / No Comments

It's trade show time again!

I guess it's always trade show time for us on the content-creation side, but we ourselves have been exhibiting at Exhibitor Magazine's ExhibitorLIVE trade show for the past several years and we get very excited about it. We meet the most interesting people, keep up with trends in our industry, and get out of the usually unpredictable Indiana weather!

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Talitha's Top 5 Favorite Blue Pony Projects

Aug 24, 2016 / No Comments

Here I am, working hard.  That Wacom pen weighs a ton, but luckily, I can lift objects 1 Bazillion times my weight!

I'm Talitha, your friendly Blue Pony blogger.  I've worked here for eight years, but next Wednesday, I'll be leaving the stable for a brand new adventure; pursuing a career as a freelance children's book illustrator and stay at home Mama.  It's been a dream of mine ever since I finished school 9 years ago to be illustrating books full time, and now, the stars are aligning for it to happen.

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Savannah, HCEA Connect, and Southern Hospitality

Aug 17, 2016 / No Comments

The fountain in Forsyth Park

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Good Morning, Sunshine: Marketing at Medical Trade shows

Aug 10, 2016 / No Comments

We know how to make attendees smile!

At Blue Pony, we assist businesses with trade show content across multiple industries, but medical tradeshows represent a unique challenge.  If you are in this industry, you know about the Sunshine Act.  Implemented in 2013 to create greater transparency in how companies market medical devices and pharmaceuticals to medical professionals, the law requires medical and pharma companies to report expenditures at trade shows including travel expenses, giveaways, and meals for medical professionals over $10.  If a company reports massive expenditures, it can throw the conduct of both the company and the doctors receiving the gifts into question. This means many exhibitors have rethought their trade show strategies and are looking for creative solutions that comply with the act. 

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Motion Design: The Heart of What We Do

Aug 8, 2016 / No Comments

Motion design still frame for a Masterbrand Cabinets video pitch.

What is Motion Design?

When Blue Pony first started out, we expected to be animating moving backgrounds for concerts, theatrical productions and events. We toiled away in what was affectionately known as "the cave,” a small dark room that used to be a light-testing area of our sister company Apollo Design (a leading producer of gobos and other lighting equipment for theater and concert venues). We animated floating sparkles, crazy tie-die graphics, pulsing color-changing loops for clubbing. Then we waited for lighting designers to throw fistfuls of money at us.

But as is often the case, our story took a different turn.  Instead of just simple, abstract, moving backgrounds, we started getting more and more complex projects.  Clients were asking for something called Motion Design, which was a new concept, even to us!

We dove right in and took to it like a fish to water. Now, after years of experience, we’re experts when it comes to motion design. So what exactly is it?”

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Casino Catch Fun and Technology Engagement

Aug 3, 2016 / No Comments


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New Trends in Retail Rely on Digital Signage

Aug 1, 2016 / No Comments

New Call-to-action

Here at Blue Pony,  we work with many clients who want to create signage solutions for a wide range of environments.  From department stores, to restaurants, to banks, many companies are realizing the power of digital signage as cutting edge retail advertising to drive traffic to their store, save costs, and create seamless branding experiences that engage, inform and entertain customers.

We’ve put together a few statistics to show you how effective digital signage can be in a retail setting.

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Small Scale Projection Mapping with the Panasonic Space Player

Jul 20, 2016 / No Comments

Recently, we’ve been experimenting with small scale projection mapping.  Projection mapping is one of the hottest techniques being utilized right now in the experiential marketing realm, but it can often be costly and time consuming.  Traditional 3D projection mapping requires expensive, professional-grade projectors, a sizable team of trained laborers, and a great deal of technical skill.So we’ve been looking for a more nimble, streamlined and cost effective way to create amazing and creative projection solutions for our clients.

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It's Summer...Time to Projection Map on your Pool!

Jul 1, 2016 / No Comments

Okay, so we know not everyone will want to do this, or have the budget for it, quite frankly, but if you want to up your next pool party into the epic category, you might want to think about 3D projection mapping.

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